~Remember Me~

Remember me?

I am the shadow you ignored

The voice you never heard

Remember me?

I am the song out of tune

The music needing it’s notes

Remember me?

I am the word you can’t spell

The picture you can’t paint on your wall

Remember me?

I am the story remained untold

The letter you left unopened

Remember me?

The heart you took for granted

The soul left unseen

The only one who loves you

With no words spoken

Remember me?

© quirkyshine

21 thoughts on “~Remember Me~

    • Thank you very much my friend for the warm welcome and for remembering 🙂 I took a break for awhile… been so busy at work and checking works of my students… 🙂 I hope you are well.. 🙂

  1. Liked it . Especially the sentiment of conscience, the one person who never forgets our darkest deeds or thoughts, who watches all our actions and emotions and to whom we can never lie is our self.

  2. Dear Quirky – this is one of the most touching writes yet!
    Of the saddest heart, and of the most fulfilling of thoughts. Really great!
    I have not been able to be on much but will return in full force soon. I just want you to know, I simply could not resist commenting on this extremely beautiful poem. A different way of your style — or is it? Perhaps your style is developing into such beauty that many of us can and “will” be inspired to write more and broaden our thoughts to flow in a passionate manner like yours.
    Wonderful piece ❤
    With love,

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