~His Princess~ (father’s day special)


I am the birth of his core

The dream he gave meaning

I am the vision of his future

The sweat soaking his suit

I am his favorite sunrise

The wisdom he lives day by day

I am his subject and predicate

The logic of his reasoning

I am the power he keeps at night

The current flowing his veins

I am the fruit of his steadfast love

The bond that holds him and my mom

I am his princess

His crowning glory

I am and always will be your daughter

And I will always do my best to make you proud


Papa I love you

We are so proud to call you papa!

Thank you very much for the love…

For everything!

Happy Father’s Day!

To all daddy’s here… :-)Happy Father’s Day!

© quirkyshine 2015

~My Conscience~

He is my conscience

The path to my existence

The principle I only lived for

The voice that creates my thoughts

The guide to my reality

The guilt I make amends

The shame I want to tame

The regret that changed me

He is my mirror 

The reflection of my past

The rear-view of my future

He is my punishment

Of the crime I consummated

He is my clarity

That takes my insanity

The answer to my doubts

He is my knowledge

The key to my ignorance

The solution to my problem

The formula of my methodology

The wisdom that reshaped my being


~The Poet’s Dream~


I fell asleep

With my soul wide awake

Thoughts begin to build

Of wild imagination and fantasies

Sight slowly fades and noise ceases to burden

Tomorrow I will wake up smiling

Knowing memories will start drifting

The sound my heart will sing

Stir hundreds of feelings

In an alloyed rhythms

I will surely rise in sync with the sun

To write my dreams

And scatter them all in the blue sky

©  quirkyshine 2015

~Unload~ (tanaga)

Gentle like the wind chasing time

Your eyes hold the truth, they speak

All the stains of yesterday

Let  love wash away your pain


Slowly stars fall from the sky

Clearing out the horizon

Reaching for your darkest core

Shining your heart amidst the storm

©2015 quirkyshine