~The Lone Writer~

Lonely she goes unnoticed

She cries for mercy

Like a slave for misery

She wants to break her silence

After the betrayal of her shadow

Hurting, she thirsts for blood

To quench her drive to write

All the stories in her barren mind

Unable to master the art of exploiting her crippled heart

Scribbling, she sought to find her healing

Through her wild imaginations, bereft of meaning

Naked she hides her feelings

She was stripped off passion

And lost possession of her dreams

Her thoughts were never celebrated

And her letters were drenched with tears

The lone writer left this place

Not a voice was heard

No traces of her pen

“Solitude has always been her friend”

Β© quirkyshine

21 thoughts on “~The Lone Writer~

  1. WOW just wow…
    Only you can compose such beauty and truth. I can only imagine being able to write something like this pangga πŸ˜€
    Fabulous to me. I love it!!!!! ❀ ❀

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