~Evergreen~ (2)


I stand tall in the midst of darkness

Not reluctant to dance with the wind

Not intimidated by the coldness of winter

My heart is unbreakable

I will stand firm and

Keep my feet on the ground

With no doubt

I give shade to keep you safe

I am the King of the woods

A jewel found in the forest land

A heaven in the wilderness

I simply love touching the sky

Whispering words of kindness

Standing tall and

Painting the whole universe


© quirkyshine 2015 (image and poetry)

Thank you very much my very beautiful friend Murrsma for this challenge… here’s a link to her beautiful blog http://www.thecrackedcrone.com.

She invited me to join the Five Photos, Five Stories challenge..post a photo for five consecutive days attaching a story, poem or paragraph and each day nominate another blogger for the challenge.

Today is the second day… I would like to invite My Friend Dell, (https://dimscribblesdiary.wordpress.com) my good friend, you may or may not participate… your choice is highly respected… 🙂 thank you! 🙂

9 thoughts on “~Evergreen~ (2)

  1. Amazing imagery of an inspiring jewel found in the forest land. After all, the pine tree is the only one in the huge wild that gets to see the Sun after all the good deeds it has done and all the strength it has shown. The words become all the more powerful when they come from you 🙂

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