~His Princess~ (father’s day special)


I am the birth of his core

The dream he gave meaning

I am the vision of his future

The sweat soaking his suit

I am his favorite sunrise

The wisdom he lives day by day

I am his subject and predicate

The logic of his reasoning

I am the power he keeps at night

The current flowing his veins

I am the fruit of his steadfast love

The bond that holds him and my mom

I am his princess

His crowning glory

I am and always will be your daughter

And I will always do my best to make you proud


Papa I love you

We are so proud to call you papa!

Thank you very much for the love…

For everything!

Happy Father’s Day!

To all daddy’s here… :-)Happy Father’s Day!

Β© quirkyshine 2015


13 thoughts on “~His Princess~ (father’s day special)

  1. This is wonderful. I don’t usually enjoy Father’s Day–but last night I had an interesting dream….not my father, but a father figure, so nice. Your poem is great!

  2. Wow, a lovely write for Father’s Day!
    Darling, you have the most beautiful family. A wonderful father. Hard working, and great provider. Does his best to make life beautiful for you all.
    A beautiful home, and very ultimate in cleanliness…
    A man I admire and hold the greatest of respect.
    A father who knows his daughter’s love and places him on top of the world in her heart.
    The man that made my love possible for you.
    A daughter that will always have the most special place in his heart. As he held you in his arms for so long. Giving silent love and prayer to keep you with him.

    I love you —

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