~Unload~ (tanaga)

Gentle like the wind chasing time

Your eyes hold the truth, they speak

All the stains of yesterday

Let  love wash away your pain


Slowly stars fall from the sky

Clearing out the horizon

Reaching for your darkest core

Shining your heart amidst the storm

©2015 quirkyshine


13 thoughts on “~Unload~ (tanaga)

  1. Yes, you have certainly found a spot in poetry. A beautiful place for sure.
    Very happy to know you are spreading much goodness and love. Especially to me!
    Your love has helped much of my pain daily. I feel you in every step I take.
    I cherish you every moment I am awake.
    To live each day with a love like yours.
    My pain and agony will certainly be cured.

    Thank you my love<3

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