There it goes…

All the dark gray clouds

Carried by the strongest wind

Clearing the sky with a touch of blue

Traveling to unknown directions

Away from your quiet zone

There it goes…

Your somber days

The wind blew them away

Up it was appealed to the court of grace

Heavens have reached it’s final verdict

To acquit you from all distress

To let you live fully and free

With no more aches to bear and pain to tear

There it goes…

Your crazy world

Love washed them away with it’s purest tears

There will be no silly madness

Nor deranged absurdity

Now it’s time to dream again

Of fantasies and reveries

Time to forget those hazy memories

That staggered your thoughts

Time to move on from a grey filled day

I assure you my love

You will no longer weep

In your deepest sleep

Right beside you, I stay

Holding you tight

Blowing a kiss to each of your pain

Singing lullabies till you fall asleep

Loving the best and worst in you

I am here

Clearing the clouds in your mind

I love you

© quirky shine 2015


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