~The Wreckage~


Fire, don’t turn my dreams to ashes

Water, don’t drown my heart to shame

Wind, don’t let happiness pass by

I am slowly fading

Dying in vain

Hear my empty cries

I just know no rhymes

Hear my call?

I’m out of control

I’m losing myself

Trapped in a dungeon

With a hungry dragon

Help! I need help!

Rescue me from the curses of hell

I am evil, hateful, impassioned

I am vicious, irascible, homicidal

I am wicked, querelous, enraged 

By spirits I kept enslaved

My life is a disaster

Beastly words tainted my skin

I am raising my wrath

Till one soul get sacrilege

To rage war against my head

A dream, a wish, a hope

One could never reach

My hand slowly bleeds

Starved to retaliate

I died long time ago

But I have to come back

To  break the curse

That once wrecked my soul

© quirky shine

     dark poetry


8 thoughts on “~The Wreckage~

  1. Powerful, and passionate!
    I love the emotional landscape painters by your powerful words!
    Thank you very much for sharing!

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