~Calming the Storm~


I closed my eyes

In silence, I prayed

Hoping worries will go away

I am trembling in pain now

Waves come crashing

Drowning me to death

My chest could no longer hold it

Deeply aching this fragile heart

I am holding my tears

Not to let it fall again

In the dark you can’t see me

But you can feel me

I cry once more

Listening to the deafening sound of this howling storm

Should I worry enough to falter?

Sometimes life demands us

To weather some storms

To keep sailing till we reach the place

To completely trust in the Lord and turn the pain into praises

So I’m closing my eyes

Listening to that still small voice within

There is peace by trusting

There is hope by praying

Lord, calm the storm

As I loudly cry

In Your most Holy Name

I wait for your healing touch

In Jesus Name

Take away darkness and sickness

Please Lord, Calm the storm


Β© quirky 2015

This is sort of my cry now… this is the moment where I needed to be strong, been sick for weeks and I need to finish some important task at work. Yes, I am worried about my health, worried about relapse, recurrence, or secondary cancers… I need to let these worries out my system… worried also about my students… 😦 a lot of things in my mind right now… and I just want to stop thinking about it. Thanks to Johnny for being so understanding and for not leaving me in my darkest time. I really need to let go of my fears and see the light.

14 thoughts on “~Calming the Storm~

  1. We go through many changes in life, but know our spirits remain strong. You reminded me of a poem because of the love from God that always appears in your words! God is with you even when it does not seem that way and he loves you deeply my dear sister, as we who know also do. I hope this lifts your spirit, know you are always wrapped in blankets of prayers!

    A Sweet Morning Embrace

    While sleeping In the early morning hours
    I suddenly rise up into darkness from my bed
    I awaken because of a soft tender calling
    Which I embrace so lovingly within my head

    I am brought to life by its soothing melody
    By a soft tenderness found in every word
    I anxiously embrace their entire substance
    As sweet harmonies within my heart are heard

    For You have called to me early this morning
    To listen again embracing your holy voice
    Welcoming its energy deep within my spirit
    Knowing it comes because I made a choice

    And I am blessed again as the time arrives
    To gently open up my eyes and breathe
    While communing gratefully with your Spirit
    Which I pray from my life will never leave

    Finding my heart and spirit always to be lifted
    While receiving the sweet blessing which I need
    Daily embracing the favor I enjoy with you
    Because with my deep faith you are well pleased

    Wendell A. Brown

    I can hear your your spirit and heart speak this prayer I am sharing it this morning
    because so many of my sisters are going through much! I love you in Christ!
    God bless!

    • Thank you so much for this prayer and poem… I really appreciate this and this adds to my healing… may God ever bless you! πŸ™‚ spread the good news always… God is pleased with you! πŸ™‚

  2. This is beautiful because it’s honest and heartfelt–never feel that you should hide what’s really in your heart, as many are ministered to and encouraged when we share authentically. I’m keeping you in my prayers–today I heard a beautiful message about Jesus as Physician; He has not changed, He still desires to heal today, as He did yesterday. Bless you.

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