~Remember Me~

Bearing pain and embracing solitariness in my weary smile
The treasures inside this golden heart have lost its radiance
A little while, I paused and unloaded your cross
I was standing at the corner of the street
Waiting for somebody to carry the cross for me
No good Samaritan came by and so I waited in vain
Kissing the darkness as it fits my furious soul
Nothing else in mind
But hatred and pride
Disappointed over little things and shouldering unwanted feelings
I see the clouds drifting across the sky
I hear the roll of thunder, heaven’s going to cry
It’s gonna rain
Let it pour, Let it rain on me
If heaven could wash away this loneliness
And wipe the tear from my eye
Let it rain
Let it rain
I will wait till the pain subside
Lord, give me the strength to hold on
Let me see the light again
Save me from drowning in sin
Have mercy on me
As You hear their humble cries
And answer their fervent calls
Lord, I pray
Remember me

© quirky 2015

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