~Somewhere in Time~

Clock ticking

Tock Tick Tock Tick

The hands moving  in counter motion

Where will time take me?

I listen closely, I heard a familiar voice

That sound my heart longs to hear

And so I am traveling back in time

This is beyond the bounds of possibility,

Even far from reality

While I am pondering the past

Time allows me to travel

Back to your time

When you were in your 20’s

Not to miss any chance and any moment

The memories we dream of making

Faith has it’s way to bring it to reality

Time conspired for us to meet

There is so much to say

So much love to make

You are not my wildest imagination

You are beyond my heart could ever grasp

I will keep on moving backwards

Back to your childhood days

Playing all the games you play

Somewhere in time

Under the lover’s sky

Tick Tock Tick Tock

I know it’s never too late

It’s your past,  I wanna replay

©2015 quirky

22 thoughts on “~Somewhere in Time~

  1. Loves melody is lovingly pleasant in each line, each word, from your poems beginning to its end, which one reading your poem sighs at the end and says tell me more. Your poems are a beautiful conversation…and it resonates wonderfully in the deepness of each readers heart and soul! The beauty found in your words birth many smiles…thanks for sharing!

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