~~Set Me Free~~

I need to be free
Not to care what people say
Not to hold any bitterness and resentments
Not to keep unpleasant memories
Not to waste any opportunity
Not to hurt anyone with my words
Not to seek revenge
Not to harm anyone with my actions
I need to be free
Away from sinful thoughts
Deliver me from darkness
Rescue me from shadows creeping in
Save me, not to ever stumble and fall
Take away my vicious pride
Help me stay close by thy side
I need to be free
Β© quirky shine 2015

9 thoughts on “~~Set Me Free~~

      • Couldn’t have been said better my darling.

        ON OUR WAY

        A breath is like freedom.
        Released from all wrongdoing.
        Those we have done.
        Those done to us.
        A path to see light.
        Beauty, and triumph.
        Conquer all that comes our way.
        Nothing worth having may be easy.
        All is worthwhile.
        Guide us.
        Help us.
        Love us.

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