~My Elusive Thoughts~

Words have left me
Many ideas have gone wasted
I can’t paint the picture in my mind
Nor remember the feeling of writing
My muse is there
He never left
But I became mute and paralyzed
I see empty pages
No color, no style
No fancy phrases, no structured lines
Stuck in the same old verse
Stunned by the brilliant stars
Shining in the universe of poetry
As everyone shows their art
Here I am trying to save myself
From drowning
Still longing for recognition
Not from anyone else
But me, myself
Maybe it’s time to see my worth
Time to embrace my skills
Not to ever get lost again
In the literary world
No matter how plain and simple
My mind can hold
If it is from the heart
Then it is worth the price of gold
Thoughts may be difficult to express
Lines may be hard to form
Words may come and go
Scream for passion
Let the pen bleed again
My elusive thoughts
© 2015 Quirky

15 thoughts on “~My Elusive Thoughts~

      • hehehe did you ever experience, running out of words? 🙂 well it happens mostly to everyone… thank you for always inspiring me and pushing me to write… 🙂

      • Yes, I really have ran out of words a few times. Mostly the right words are the hardest to come by sometimes. It’s all so temporary though, that we don’t stress over this.
        So much fun when the words and thoughts just open up and soar in the mind as the mighty eagle lets the wind guide until he spots his prey…
        I love you 😀

  1. “Words may come and go
    Scream for passion
    Let the pen bleed again”
    Jack London and Hemingway taught us. Must live, bleed and test life. Otherwise we are blank pages. A outstanding poem my friend.

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