~The Promise~

Under the lover’s sky
She waits for her man
With all of his might, he came to rescue her
From the darkness that made her blind
Precious words he hath made
To never leave thy sight
Not to ever let her feel the coldness of the night
All the stars are shining bright
In the dark, there’s beauty you can find
For a love that knows no end
Troubles have left her behind
A love that is strong and pure
He finds pleasure in making her smile
A smile that could launch a thousand souls
A smile that will surely make the sun rise and the stars fall
His love brings out the best in her
The best her heart could ever hold
Love rejoices in the truth
She is the only truth he knows
He showed her the way to the light
And held her hand close to his heart
Promises of forever
In good times and bad times
His love will never fail

©2015 quirky

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