~Nothing Sounds Old to Me~

Tic Toc Tic Toc
Can you take me to the olden days?
Let’s ride no fancy cars
No GPS, just an old map
I wanna travel with you and drive a 60’s ford mustang
To the past, off we go
Let’s see the world in this vintage ride
Not intimidated by the changing times
Baby, show me what history looks like
Can I see your moves and grooves?
As I play your favorite rock and roll music in this good old jukebox
Baby you are my song
Nothing sounds old to me
No Ed Sheeran, no Taylor Swift, no Justin Beiber in the background
Just the sound of some forgotten souls in the past
Can you sing me some Johnny Cash songs?
As I go wondering with Stevie Wonder
And blowing off with the master of rock Pink Floyd
Just let me hear a melody so pure and new to my ears
Like a breath of fresh air
Take me to the olden times
I wanna fall in love again and again
Singing out so happy and loud
Nothing beats the olden days
Tic Toc Tic Toc
Baby nothing sounds old to me
© quirky 2015

7 thoughts on “~Nothing Sounds Old to Me~

  1. Wonderful post my darling.
    It does take us back to times even before our time. Even mine. Hehehehehe
    So many things from old that are really new to us now… I have said for years that the old will become new.

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