~Magical Feeling~


one of the most beautiful feeling
Your touch… your warmth
it’s exceptional, beyond compare
World seems like a beautiful place
Knowing your heart beats for me
Now I understand why the best things in life are free
For Love is unrestricted not qualified
For love is unlimited not confined
For love shouldn’t be suppressed but permitted
When love controls your very being
To surrender it all
Is a magical feeling

© quirky

#1 (quote)


“In our relentless efforts to find the person we love we fail to recognize and appreciate the people who love us. We miss out chances of seeing beautiful things and being loved unconditionally. Go for the man of deeds and not for the man of words for you will find rewarding happiness not with someone you love but someone who loves you more.” ~unknown

~Art from Scratch~

IMG_20150208_154901 IMG_20150208_155104

I am in the mood to draw and make an art out of my old sketch pad and watercolour. Drawing is not really my passion maybe because I am not that confident with my artworks but I do like to draw. I draw for the joy of expression and to test myself if I can compete with my dad and my other relatives. However, my skills and knowledge in visual arts are somewhat limited. I may have the talent but I do not have the time to enhance my craft. If there is one thing I need to master it would be the skill of drawing the figure from my imagination. That is quite difficult for most artist than using a model or a picture. Many of my drawings were imitations or inspired by images I found in different sites and I got tired of this technique. I do hope to find a good teacher someday to teach me all the secrets of the greatest artist in the world. I do like to ask my dad and uncle but I do want to surprise them someday. Well today I’m just not in the mood to write so I thought of posting my artworks.


The picture above is an art from my old sketch pad and I tried reinventing it by using watercolour and pen.


And The pictures below are sketches of flowers and my favorite anime… 🙂  




Love and blessings,


~Better Life~


What I think is best

May not necessarily be the best you desire for me

I can’t presume to know what’s good for me

I may have no right to question Your will

Your thoughts are always greater than mine

Your love is always the sweetest kind

You may not grant all my wishes and dreams

But I am always sure oh God that You have something far better for me.

© 2015 quirky

~What Words Will Be Your Legacy?~


What have you written on memory’s page?

What have you done lately that you know you will never regret down the road?

Have you ever touched a life or healed a broken soul today?

If you had to sum up your life in 10 words, what would they be?

What words will be your legacy?

Will your last words show the beauty of your life?

or only the bitterness of your wounded heart?

What words have you spoken to spread kindness and love?

What have you written on someone’s heart?

We live, we die

We gain, we lose

We give, we take

We laugh, we cry

At the end of your life

What would you like to see written on your headstone?



~Till I Find My Muse~


I try to write

But no words could rhyme

I try to paint

Yet no picture in mind

I feel like words are anything but cluttered

Making this piece untidy 

I bet no one would ever like to read

I let my thoughts speak

But words have gone away

I am listening to the loudest silence

Hearing only the beat of my heart

Wanting to meet my muse waiting at the other end

It is the poet’s fate

If he finds his mate 

The one who gives beauty to his master piece, 

soul to his words 

and life to his pictures 

One day I will write a song

and paint the picture in my mind

One day I will meet your needs through my poems

One day…

Everything will be perfect again

Till I find my muse

© 2015 quirky


~The Path~


Shall I walk in the path of righteousness


Walk in the path where sinners walk?

Oh! God show me the right way

For I do not like to sit in the seat of scoffers

May the clouds rain down righteousness

That my leaves won’t wither


I may bear a good fruit.


© 2015 quirky