~Come Away With Me~

Come away with me

To a magical place

Take my hand

Lets have this walk into this beautiful garden

Give up all our fears of tomorrow

Come away with me my love

Let’s see the sunrise

Watch it till the sun sets

Run away with me

Hold my deepest breathe

As I kiss you under the sweet moonlight

Come away with me to my dream land

Inside your heart

In your deepest thoughts

That’s where I wanted to be

Come away with me my love

And defy reality

~~I love you~~


© quirky

for my only seablue….

Happy 11th my love

4 thoughts on “~Come Away With Me~

  1. I would and will come away with you anywhere my love. ❤
    A happy 11 months and still looking to our very 1st anniversary!
    Thank you for a fabulous post. I love this song.
    I want you to sing it to me love.


    Let you flowers bloom.
    From dusk til dawn.
    Shower me with passion.
    As my feelings grow.
    Sensual music whispers in my ears.
    Warm breath of an angel speaking.
    Only words of love to me.
    Only love and beauty flow from your soft lips.
    My heart has melted.

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