~My Battle~


“Strength is born in the deep silence of long-suffering hearts; not amidst joy.”

Cancer once took my hair, my strength, and my dreams

Going through chemotherapy is a  terrible experience

I have to go through hell  and face a lot of uncertainties

I cannot change the past, I cannot change my destiny

I can’t deny the fact that everyday I have to face a lot of fears

Fear of dying

The terror of withering

The fear of gradually ceasing and deteriorating

Because death can be terrifying

In order to live, I  need to die

Cancer tried to rob me of all the beautiful things I have

But cancer didn’t succeed

I gave a good fight

I fought with all my strength

And I was victorious

This was once my battle

My body was the battle ground

I know no one could ever fight this battle better than myself

I need to live in order to face my fear

For death can also be a beautiful beginning

I have to be brave  in life

Do whatever I can

Whenever I can

And However I can

I am not scared of dying

I am afraid I will be missing a lot of things

I am afraid I will be leaving my loved ones

And making them feel the pangs of grief

I have to let go of my fears

See things from a different perspective

Like twisting a kaleidoscope

Seeing something new with each turn

Seeing different patterns, different hues and colors

I had to learn that to live is to accept whatever trials come my way

Today is just the beginning of a brighter future

Finally I  put my trust to the Lord for His plans  are always perfect

I need to  live  life with  full of hopes

I survived the most powerful storm in my life

Whats next after the storm?

Isn’t it a rainbow?

Cancer took away my fears

Cancer cannot steal my destiny

I am destined to live

This is who I am

A survivor

A fighter

A winner in life

© 2015 quirky (a lymphoma survivor) This is my testimony in a form of poetry

© 2015 quirky (a lymphoma survivor)

13 thoughts on “~My Battle~

  1. A true survivor you are. One of the most optimistic women I know. When things seem like they will fall apart, you always know in your heart. God loves you. Needs you, and your purpose in life may not be known to man.
    It may not even be known by you. You are destined to live and be a good person, or you would not be here now.

    Only bones and blood, with a covering of skin.
    Has searched a lifetime looking for love.
    Thinking he knew what love is, and was led astray.
    Away from the powers intended.
    Living only to live and frolic among the earthlings.
    Making mistakes and running. Running from life.
    Really, he was running from himself.
    Who he really was, and wanted to be.
    Broken and repaired, but still needs nurturing and discipline.
    Depending on someone. He cannot do it alone.
    He needs his mate.
    Down on his knees, he asks for guidance.
    Now he is asking for your hand. His fiancee’
    Through thick or thin. Better or for worse.
    Not ever to turn his face from yours.
    Only vowing to step away, if he is hurting you day to day.
    Needing you, wanting you, loving you.
    For all his natural days.

    Will be posted pending the viewing by Quirky Love


    • Thank you for this very moving and touching poem… little did I know I will be able to inspire people through the simplicity of my words… dear J, this is the battle I didn’t choose for myslef… this is the battle God gave me… the battle I was hesitant and at the same time excited to fight… now I have surpassed such darkest plight… but this time I want people struggling the same thing to be strong enough to fight a good fight… as to your very beautiful poem… you have touched my heart… this is so beautiful and written so genuinely… I have seen your growth… I also have witnessed your downfall… but I am so happy to see you ever growing in life and be the best man you can be… thank you for your sincerity dear J… Happy Valentines!!! loving you is all I wanna do… 🙂 ❤

  2. Dearest quirkylove,
    Yes quirkyshine to most, but quirlylove to me. You have more love than you have quirks. Lots of shine but even more love.
    This is my darling Quirky Love!

    The day I met you. What did I know?
    The days I hurt you. What did I know?
    The past women in my life. What did I know?
    The life I lived until I fell in love with you. What did I know?
    The day I asked God to show me the truth. What did I know>
    Light has opened, and is gleaming today.
    I want to know something.
    What is my everything?

    • Nothing is going to stop you dear
      Stop you from becoming the man you are right now
      The past is over… it is all part of history
      It may not be repeated
      But you will carry all the wisdom from that experience…
      Thank you very much my dear… God is the source of all good things… acknowledge His greatness always… loving you is all I wanna do… 🙂 ❤

    • I am in tears reading this… It may not be an earth shattering poetry… but I want everyone facing same stuggle or storm to be very brave enough to fight their fears… thank you very much my friend… blessings be upon you too dear friend and to your family… 🙂

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