~I Love You So~ (4×4)


Hold on to me

Never let me go

Don’t break my heart

I love you so

© quirky


18 thoughts on “~I Love You So~ (4×4)

  1. Hello darling. Thank you for a lovely post.
    You have some beautiful comments here, and I do smile seeing them.
    Thank you also for a heightened night with you! I feel great…

    As I sometimes see only blue.
    My heart see all.
    Tricks of the mind will appear at will.
    A love for you that’s deep, shall never.
    Fade or be fooled.
    My love is true.
    From your man seablue—seablueone, that is!

    • Hello love… I do hope you are smiling now…
      Do hope you are feeling all right… never ever doubt what I feel
      Never ever doubt who I want in life… So is my love so true
      For my only seeblueone….  sleep well darling in blue… 

      • Thank you my most beautiful love. I am sleeping and will sleep late probably.
        A big day tomorrow for me and I have you in my heart at all times.
        I have never ever doubted you and your love for me. I can only pray you know how much I care for you too! How much I love you, and your love means to me.
        You are my rock and my cloud… ❤

      • thank you my love… please never doubt anymore… I am honest and will always treat you with utmost fairness… not hide and make you look like a fool dear… thats not how I treat people… as you know me I am frank dear… hehehehe but so far we are good… and you are good to me… 🙂 ❤ i love you… ❤

  2. Yes darling. I never doubt your love. I did however underestimate you… It was a mistake I know.
    I should have known better. You are a fabulous woman, and have Never… never given me any reason to doubt you. ❤

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