~What Words Will Be Your Legacy?~


What have you written on memory’s page?

What have you done lately that you know you will never regret down the road?

Have you ever touched a life or healed a broken soul today?

If you had to sum up your life in 10 words, what would they be?

What words will be your legacy?

Will your last words show the beauty of your life?

or only the bitterness of your wounded heart?

What words have you spoken to spread kindness and love?

What have you written on someone’s heart?

We live, we die

We gain, we lose

We give, we take

We laugh, we cry

At the end of your life

What would you like to see written on your headstone?




11 thoughts on “~What Words Will Be Your Legacy?~

  1. No matter how soon or how far the day comes.
    My life has been great, and an adventure. I could have asked for more, but I really have a good life. The last year has probably been the actualy best. I have learned what is important in life. ❀

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