~The Seekers of Light~


People search for answers

Answers to their questions

Questions of truth

Truth of the matter


People look not only to signs 

But also quest for meaning and purpose

That will satisfy the cravings of their heart

Let their longings be not in vain


God doesn’t force truth on those who pretend to be deaf

God will not let them see if they pose as blind

Let them seek and they shall find it; 

Let them ask and they will receive them


To find truth receive His words and treasure it

To find His knowledge seek the heavenly wisdom 

Let His grace be upon the seekers of light

For God hears the earnest cries of those who request it

© 2015 quirky

4 thoughts on “~The Seekers of Light~

  1. It is surely acceptance that assures we will be heard— but even more answered…
    I cannot get over how much this photo is almost an image of you.. Wonderful selection and beautiful writing .

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