~Please hear me out~


I am in a world

Where everyone wants to be heard

I live in a place

Where everyone is competing in a race


So many words I wish to express

Yet only few are impressed

I want to write

Something that sparks a light


I hope you take heed

To this poem I loudly read

All I want is to be known

and an heir to this throne


Where words knitted beautifully

And the images blend harmoniously

I am in a world 

Where people write to be remembered


© 2015 quirky

7 thoughts on “~Please hear me out~

  1. “I am in a world
    Where people write to be remembered”
    All of want to be remembered. Maybe not like a actor or musician. Like a person who is loved and knew love. A powerful poem. Made me think this morning.

  2. Wonderful poem dearest quirky!
    Keeps the mind open to new ideas. Plus reflecting back on previous one’s that their meaning was set aside perhaps to the fast paced life we live in these days.
    Excvellent work from you. Never stop expressing yourself ❤

    • Thank you very much! 🙂 the thing is no one is an island… at some point we need people in our lives. Same as blogging… people blog because they wanted to be heard… they want people to understand them… they write because they have a story to tell… 🙂 they want to be remembered. 🙂

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