~~You Are~~

You are the word I want to write
You are the song I want to sing
You are the art I want to paint
The only thing that brings clarity to my masterpiece

You are the air I want to breathe
You are the block that makes a home
You are the picture I want to capture
The only thing that gives light when darkness sets in

You are the ray that shines my day
You are the staff that holds the notes
You are the lullaby that makes me fall asleep
The only thing that brings harmony to my music

You are the star I wished every night
You are the magic in my wand
You are the mystery in my action movie
The only thing thats always box office

You are the story I want to tell
You are the letter I want to read
You are the poem I want to post
The only one that completes me

Copyright © 2015 by quirky

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