~The Nocturnal Poet~

He likes to dream at day time
He writes his dream when the sun goes down
He glows till the wee hours of the morning
Truly a lover of darkness

The moon has always been his friend
Never terrified of the mystery of the night
Tonight he wrote a beautiful sonnet
Out of the stars that fall from the sky

He is a night wanderer
Hunting for words till he can create a piece
There is always light in his heart
You see art through his shadows

He awakes my sleeping heart with his rhymes
Always calm and gentle like the evening breeze
Tonight he wrote a beautiful poem
He is my lover – the nocturnal poet

Copyright © 2015 by quirky

4 thoughts on “~The Nocturnal Poet~

  1. This is a favorite of mine – of course. Lol, but has a style all of it’s own.
    I recognize so much within this write. Seeing beyond the obvious. A good author always has a hidden message to the public. Remember this in your writing. What one mesage is to one person may even differ to others.
    Thank you for a beautiful write and thought my darling.

    • I forgot to tell you this is an old post that was deleted by glitches…. hehehe well who else would taught me and push me to write? you right. thanks for the inspiration and for giving me a chance to explore on many stuffs. well I owe you a lot. for correcting some of my grammatical errors. hehehe I wish english was my first language… hehehe

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