I said, I will not hurt you!!

But you’re mine!! You’re mine!!

I love you!!

But I want to control you

I promise to protect you

So I’ll lock you inside

Don’t you dare leave me

I love you with all of my heart

I’ll treat you my queen

But treat me like your god

Don’t be scared my love

I will hold you in my arms

Oh!! My lady Breathe!! breathe my love

Are you suffocated?

I love you baby!!

Do you really love me?

It hurts like hell

I dare you not to walk away

I’ll bring them out

The skeletons you hide

I love you so much

Your aroma I just can’t forget

You’re my drug

My addiction

My only obsession

I am doomed to fail



5 thoughts on “Obsession

  1. A fabulous write… In a way _ One of your best!

    This has actual meaning in some lives. Thankfully it is only a reminder in ours, of what we would never want to become. I love you…   Johnny

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