Sky’s the Limit (poetry)


I can never tell how close I am

This love of ours is beautiful

It makes me wanna sing

Love has found its way to your heart

It may be a little tough and rough

But I love the path pointing straight to you

In my mind there are no limits

No line, no bounds even for my desires

I say deep within I am so in love with you

Never have to worry, never have to say sorry

Regardless of difficulties that come along

Nothing can break this love, not even a thousand storms

No one can stop me from loving you

I aim to please you with all my strength

Our love is possible – it will work, I have no doubt

My love! Nothing really matters but your happiness

I couldn’t fathom nor figure out how deep love goes

It is beyond measure, countless, profound

My love for you – Sky’s the limit


2 thoughts on “Sky’s the Limit (poetry)

  1. My darling, you are so lovely. Your words ring true in my heart. Really not doubting what we are, what we have become. Some rough and tough there may always be. Most is from things beyond our control. The things we can control – we must try. We must succeed with making corrections. No fault or blame has crossed our path. Only the beauty of our growing together. Loving hearts that scatter to our souls.


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