The A-B-C’s of Love




A – Ability to accept your flaws and craziness

B – Beauty is a blessing; it adds color but not necessarily the standand

C – Caring a little can be the beginning of everything or nothing

D – Delights in goodness always

E – Embers still smoking from the strong fire of lover’s pure love and passion

F – Forever may not be enough for a heart who loves truly

G – Giving is the essence of true love

H – Hard times keep the fire burning

I – If partners keep Improving

J – Just as you like to be appreciated and admired… so does your partner

K – knowing when to change and when to adjust

L – Laughing together

M – Making Memories

N – Never letting you down

O – One heart and one mind

P – Persevere in any challenge, inspite of hardships and distance

Q – Questions should seldom be asked; loving by faith wipes out any doubt

R – Reaching out, you wrestle with pride

S – Staying together they say “Sweeter as the years go by”

T – Through thick and thin, if love becomes cold, touch of lust is the cure

U – Unconditional love is always the best kind of love

V – Valuing individuality and space makes a strong foundation

W – Willing to work it out when things go wrong

X – X means kisses – first kiss is always magical

Y – Yearning for the profoundest kind of love

Z – Zestful spirit is the supreme manifestation of true love






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