On His Shoulders (inspirational)


The God who holds the universe

Is the God who is holding me

How often have I grown weary

The end of my efforts is not even in sight


The God who watches over the fields and mountains

Is the God who is willing to carry me through

I can no longer keep up or accomplish the task

I am too slow and my feet grew weary


The end of the trail is just over the next hill

But will I make it in the end?

I am learning to put my trust in Him for He will walk beside me

Oh! God carry me because I couldn’t keep up the pace


I know he will lay me on His shoulders

As a shepherd carries the lamb that was lost

He will joyfully carry me all day long

For I am little and light


On His shoulders I find rest

I shall dwell in safety knowing He is holding me

Oh God thank you for the comfort and aid

I will never be a burden for I am little and light



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