A Happy Ever After




I am thinking of my one great love

I am longing for someone so dear


If only magic carpets are real

And take us to places we wanna see


Special moments we wanna make

Just you and me against the world


I wish you could teleport

And I will show you my world


I am missing you everyday

Embracing silence knowing you are there


Please hear me calling

As I shout your name in the air


Here I am dreaming of you

Wishing for our happy ever after

(Happy 3rd monthsary My Love)

I LOVE YOU my bear!!






7 thoughts on “A Happy Ever After

  1. My dear one and only love! This is one of my happiest days ever.

    The happiest day is the day you said you would give me an opportunity to court you as a true lady should be courted.

    Although I have made a few mistakes, I feel I have learned from them. What have I learned? What it really important to me. You! Along with you comes many things. Some are not easily accepted at first, but knowing  where your heart truly is has made them wonderful. My wish is to make you the happiest woman in the world. YOU HAVE BEEN A great blessing to me. My whole life I have waited for you– my love. It has only been in recent years I am truly capable of loving you. No- I can honestly say that I can be good to you and love you the way you need to be loved. I do not think I could have done this so many years ago, as I was confused and lost.

    Getting my life in order came with a huge price. This has all proven to be worth it now. Learning what is important and most meaningful has not been easy, but this is true.

    My soul and my heart belong only to you. My promise to be good to you comes deep from within. I love you and live each day to prove my love is strong and valid.

    This day I still dream of our walk. I cherish each step we have taken ever since. I know you are so genuine and loving. Our obstacles are no match for our love for each other. We both know what really matters. We are very real, and need each other spiritually as much as any other way.

    I am thankful each day for all we share. Please let out walk continue, but lets start it all over again!  Let us always start our walk over and over! It was great, and it is great.

         Love,   Johnny

    • This one great comment… long but very sweet its like an entire post… wow! 🙂 our walks do matter to me and every walk is special to me… i’m glad you took small steps so i can catch up with you… i walked slowly as i’m new to this race but thanks for guiding and for holding on to me… 🙂

  2. Guess it’s time for another comment now, as you are still getting more. Lol


    Oh, My Lady in red.

    Be my guest.

    Lets start today.

    On our little quest.

    To see all.

    Our world has to offer.

    Each of us willing.

    Your life.

    My life.

    OUR life.

    Nothing to covet.

    Or get distracted.

    Not much of a look even.


    At is superb essence.

    No distractions.

    Focus only on our love.

    Sending you.

    Mind signals.

    Of a purest love.


    Your seablueone ❤ ❤

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