Know It’s True


The day I met you

I knew I found love

It was like Heaven and Earth conspired

To grant my deepest desire


The day I met you

Was another miracle in my life

You are the answer to my prayers

I want no other love, you are more than enough

The day you walked into my life was worth remembering

Sounds crazy; but I did count the steps in that walk

Could it be love at first sight? Or

Could it be struck by cupid’s arrow?


I’ve got so many questions in my mind

But all boils down to our love for each other

You never hold back your feelings

Your love for me, you give it freely

The words written from your heart

Wrought a deep and lasting impression on my mind
This marvelous feeling inside is more than just lust

I know it is love; a love that is pure with no conditions


Your sweet words are like honey,

They are beautiful to my very being
Your soft touches, soft as clouds 

They made me glow inside


The morning light that greeted me this morning
Reminded me of your steadfast love I’m breathing in 
I will walk a million miles just to be with you

I hope you never doubt my feelings for you
And when I say I love you, know it’s true




5 thoughts on “Know It’s True

  1. All the miracles have certainly been given to us both. You have been a blessing to me. Only God truly knows how much I appreciate all you do and the love you give to me.   Johnny

  2. True, true. Ever so true.
    Speak to me darling.
    Tell me your thoughts.
    Let me know all your desires.
    Advance me a kiss. I’ll give you some change.
    Bathe you in petals of the finest flowers.
    A total body message to ease your tension.

    your seablueone

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