A Second Chance (A Rubáiyát)


I am crying all night long

Asking myself, where did we go wrong?

Pride has overtaken love

Mind is frail and weary though I need to be strong


Up in the sky you fly gracefully like a dove

Should I hold your freedom, when you are enjoying high above?

When you want to let go, I will not force you to stay

I feel so cold and numb,  you took off the glove


I woke up this morning seeing all grey

Stll haunted by regrets, they never missed a day

In my arms, know that you still belong

A second chance, this I humbly Pray



2 thoughts on “A Second Chance (A Rubáiyát)

  1. Some of us may not know, but some of us do.

    This is so beautifully composed, that there is no comment to compliment it.

    If I were to ever want to enter a poem in a contest–This would be the one I would use.

    Just for the sake of replying to this lovely poem.—- 

    Although you have pushed me away It is with you I long to stay Holding you forever in my arms I am still here, but you do not see Others have blurred your vision. Keep your attention away from me But here I will stay, patiently For you I will remain I’ve been here all along, for you I am waiting for this moment You never have to fear I am yours till I die, yours alone

     Love, Johnny

    • you should write one dear… hehehe it would be fun… hehehe thank you so much!!! yes i do love your style too… hehehe i do miss your poems for me… hmmmmm hehehehe yeah trying to learn new style but one day i’ll make things perfect… hehehe thanks for the push!!! for pushing me to write again… i almost stopped writing… hahaha ❤

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