You Are My Clarity (father’s day poem)



I will honor you


So that I may live a long life


I will love you and respect you


So that I may be fully blessed


I will keep your teachings


In my heart I will hold you close




You are the biggest source of my strength


The strongest person I know


In times of strife


You offer your shoulders


In times of chaos and certainty


In your words I find clarity




Today is a special day


I have something I need to say


To you who light my path


Thank you so much for keeping me on track


Papa, my hugs and kisses may not be enough


But know that you are worthy to be praised




Papa, thank you for your wisdom


Papa, forgive me if I have hurt you


Papa, take good care of your health


Papa, we need you always


Papa, you are our greatest hero


Papa, I love you so much


You are my clarity




Happy Father’s Day to All Daddy’s Here



5 thoughts on “You Are My Clarity (father’s day poem)

  1. So beautiful dear! I know your dad loves you very much, and will really appreciate this in his honor.

    You are truly a wonderful daughter. It is my pleasure to know you.


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