Slip Away (I miss you)



You are million miles away

I am missing you in every way

If only I had wings I would fly away

Right beside you I want to stay

To hold you close, this I pray

I will find you my love, come what may

If we are meant to be, love will find a way

I will never let this love slip away

(I miss you darling)





4 thoughts on “Slip Away (I miss you)

  1. This is very nice. I miss you too.  I guess it’s sad we don’t take advantage of what little time we have. Hopefully it will get better in time.

    The thought is nice for sure.   Johnny

  2. Sprout your wings and fly my love. Fly to me, never looking back. I will hold you tight. Love you like there is no tomorrow. Today is OUR day!  all others will come.

    Thank you Princess!

       Love,   Johnny

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