Our hands entwine

Your eyes they look sublime

Tonight our stars in line

To make love is our only prime

Your juicy lips taste like wine

Your sweet aroma smells like lime

My curves and mountains will make you whine

I will turn you on in warmer clime

In my command you shall stand tall in time

Tonight I will glow mighty to shine

Loud moans we hear them chime

As two blazing souls combine

Reaching climax is so divine


-ss & j-




2 thoughts on “Divine

  1. Oh wow, how mighty does shine with each whisper of your words.
    Truly a lover, like no other and really twice as kind.
    Can you ever believe that I am on my knees–longing, longing for your touch.
    Listening for the sounds that only i can capture with the souls of—of —Yesssss. you have it now. You have had it all along.

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