Embracing the Race <3


Our story is like a race and we are running the race marked out for us.

Some couple runs a 100 – yard dash while some may even go for a marathon.

Our race is neither too long nor too difficult; it was perfectly designed for us.

God knows our capabilities; He knows our strengths and weaknesses.

Through that we are very much compatible – a match made in Heaven.

God may put obstacles on our path; He may even stretch us more than we ever thought we could endure.

Darkness may come and put our love to test.

But we vowed not to give up.


To God, we pray for wisdom and to bless our path.

To Him, our eyes are fixed.

He is our source of light –

We will never get off track.

Holding hands we face tomorrow

Everyday we shall keep the fire burning 

Together we run

Our Today is always fun

Our love will see us through

Because we are embracing the race.

(for you Bear)

-shine s-



5 thoughts on “Embracing the Race <3

  1. Shine,

    Nothing could have been spoken better than this lovely write from you.

    The love is shared for few to know but all to see. I am happy to see much more from you.  You are dear to me..Thank you.


    • Thank you so much for this!!! sorry I missed to reply on your comment… had it not appeared on notifications… sorry dear… now i gotta check all post if i missed out some comments from you… 🙂 ❤

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