A Love No One Can Fathom



“A Love No One Can Fathom”


Two bodies


Two minds


Two souls


Two hearts


There is excitement


There is serenity


The channels were cleared


The problems have been settled


The hurts have been healed


There is nothing between


No barriers


No fears


No worries


No holds-barred


Nothing between two bodies


Burning with ecstasy


Nothing between two minds


Filled with passion


Nothing between two souls


Fueled with bliss


Nothing between two hearts


In harmony with light


Two Bodies


Two Minds


Two Souls


Two Hearts


Blessed by God


United by Love


One Love


One Heart


One Soul



It is noble

It is divine

It is sacred

It is heaven


A love no one can fathom


-shine s-




2 thoughts on “A Love No One Can Fathom

  1. A very accurate Write.. Wonderful work!
    I believe that the two have become one. Nothing separates them as all obstacles have been taken away by Grace. Understanding what is the true importance has blessed us.

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