Tale of an Insecure Lady




She walks in the room with her nose in the air and thinks she’s better than anyone else.


“Oh! Hi everyone! How do I look?” damn! She cares too much about what others think of her.


“Girl!! I love your shoes” (but her eyebrow is slightly raised?? Oh Com’on!!) thats great!! she likes to please everyone but she gives that compliment not because she cares for you, but rather she’s insinuating you for your approval and likes. Don’t trust her too much.


She talks like she is “all knowing”,


“hey! did you know that blah blah blah”


But when someone brilliant like her comes in she puts too much crap.


She’s like a “chatter box” — likes talking about how everyone hates her,


“You know what? This girl hates me and she’s a b**** blah blah blah!!”


She wants to be heard and be noticed most of the time. Indeed, an attention seeker.


She remains defensive most of time and will fight even if it means losing some of her personal convictions.


She spends most of her energies dragging down other people so she would look better in the eyes of many people.


She likes cursing other people and uses this so called “freedom of speech” as her shield.


She thinks that life is always a competition; she’s bossy and too authoritarian. She even uses bullying techniques to manipulate the people around her.


She’s threatened by the growth and brilliance of others; she’s ambitious with the want of dragging down others in her circle. No she’s threatened… threatened by her own inner demon.



2 thoughts on “Tale of an Insecure Lady

  1. Thank you for an accurate post.
    I am very thankful you are not like this. Oh I know you do turn some heads when you enter a room. Most could not resist. I didn’t!
    Inside you could see how truly unstable this woman actually is.
    I appreciate the professional way you always conduct yourself. I love you for many things. I love you for some things you do not do!..We all have some weak moments, but you have taught me that they do not have to last long.
    Innocent fun I can easily accept.. Intentional bullshit by an evil person will not be tolerated.
    You may be as tall and strong an oak tree as I am…

    • hehehehe your welcome my dear!!! yes maybe i’m a little unstable with people… but dragging them down to lift yourself up is very wrong… thanks for this opinion dear!! 🙂

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