Thank You Song




“Thank you”

Music and Lyrics by: shinesweet/quirkyshine



Do you still remember the first time we met?

It seemed we came together in instant friendship

As time goes by, those feelings have grown

We’ve shared our deepest secret thoughts and dreams

For as long as I live 

You will always be a part of me




Thank you for being my friend

All the moments filled with joy

Good old days are here again 

Thank you for loving me friend

No matter what the future brings

I will always be your friend



I’ll always have warm thoughts of you

Even miles separte us, I’ll search deep in my heart

And all the times we cried, the silly times, the laughs we shared these are my most precious blessings

For as long as i live

You will always be a part of me





I appreciate you more each day

I want you to know 

You make my world  a better place to live




-shine s-

(thank you for reading)



4 thoughts on “Thank You Song

  1. Wanted to make sure I did comment on this beautiful song. I am so proud of this post and I am always reminded of such a lovely, quirky woman that always shows her kidness for others. Especially me! Lol HUGS and kiss for a darling girlfriend. ❤

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