I am Super Girl

I am Supergirl


Tell me all your sorrows

That permeated your heart

I am Super girl.


Tell me about your fears

That gripped you for long

I am Super girl.


Tell me about the ghost of your past

That haunts you every night

I am Super girl.

Believe me my love

I am super girl.

I am your super girl

Your hero with an extraordinary kind of love.


I am but your super heroine

Strong, willing to risk own’s happiness

Just to protect you from desolation and pain.


I am your Super girl

I don’t have exceptional skills

But my powers are on my knees

When I kneel down to pray.


I cannot change the world

But in my own little way

I want to brighten your day.


I have no super human strength

But my strength comes from within

Willing to shine for you.


I have no wings, I cannot fly

But together we shall reach our highest desires.


I have no power to be invisible

For I cannot hide what I truly feel inside.


I could not protect you from villains and bad guys

But I am your Super Girl

Protector and Keeper of your heart.




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