It’s not how ma…

It’s not how many times we forgive a person that makes us all experience true love. But how many times we understand and show them so much concern. It’s not being naive in times of misunderstandings nor playing deaf-mute just to prove to everyone how good you are. But its how you fight for your principles and for what you believe in. It’s not just about putting up a good fight… it is also about how much effort you exerted to make your love worthy enough to withstand any failures.

11 thoughts on “It’s not how ma…

  1. Remember and realize, “Ho’oponopono” an ancient Hawaiin prayer now made modern for those ready to both truly forgive and sincerely love again. Please look it up on youtube. Spectacular books and I’m sure poems exists because of what is truly “Pono”. Honoring the greatness and goodness of ever-joyful-happiness in a life all so worth living as a love all so invaluable with no limits. As you’re prosperous and thriving.

    • Thank you for sharing my friend… sure will search it on youtube… i love prayers in different languages… made me realize how great our God is… ❀❀❀

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